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Ano 2016

Cytokine Signatures Associated With Early OnsetActive Lesions and Late Cicatricial Events of Retinochoroidal Commitment in Infants With Congenital Toxoplasmosis.Carneiro AC, Machado AS, Béla SR, Costa JG, Andrade GM, Vasconcelos-Santos DV, Januário JN, Coelho-Dos-Reis JG, Ferro EA, Teixeira-Carvalho A, Vitor RW, Martins-Filho OA; UFMG Congenital Toxoplasmosis Brazilian Group.

Infect Dis. 2016 Jun 15;213(12):1962-70.


Reply to Gómez Marín.

Carneiro AC, Machado AS, Béla SR, Costa JG, Andrade GM, Vasconcelos-Santos DV, Januário JN, Coelho-Dos-Reis JG, Ferro EA, Teixeira-Carvalho A, Vitor RW, Martins-Filho OA; UFMG Congenital Toxoplasmosis Brazilian Group.

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5α-Dihydrotestosterone enhances wound healing in diabetic rats.

Gonçalves RV, Novaes RD, Sarandy MM, Damasceno EM, da Matta SL, de Gouveia NM, Freitas MB, Espindola FS.

Life Sci. 2016 May 1;152:67-75.


Peel of araticum fruit (Annona crassiflora Mart.) as a source of antioxidant compounds with α-amylase, α-glucosidase and glycation inhibitory activities.

Justino AB, Pereira MN, Vilela DD, Peixoto LG, Martins MM, Teixeira RR, Miranda NC, da Silva NM, de Sousa RM, de Oliveira A, Espindola FS.

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Conessine, an H3 receptor antagonistalters behavioral and neurochemical effects of ethanol in mice.

Morais-Silva G, Ferreira-Santos M, Marin MT.

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Differential ontogenetic exposure to obesogenic environment induces hyperproliferative status and nuclear receptorsimbalance in the rat prostate at adulthood.

Pytlowanciv EZ, Pinto-Fochi ME, Reame V, Gobbo MG, Ribeiro DL, Taboga SR, Góes RM.

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Role of the TNF-α receptor type 1 on prostate carcinogenesis in knockout mice.

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Ameloblastic carcinoma: a Brazilian collaborative study of 17 cases.

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Antimicrobial activity, cytotoxicity and selectivity index of Banisteriopsis laevifolia (A. Juss.) B. Gates leaves.

Nunes BC, Ambrosio MALV, Martins CHG, Aquino FJT.

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Concomitant stress potentiates the preference for, and consumption of, ethanol induced by chronic pre-exposure to ethanol.

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high-fat diet fed during different periods of life impairs steroidogenesis of rat Leydig cells.

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Stress-Induced Locomotor Sensitization to Amphetamine in Adult, but not in Adolescent Rats, Is Associated with Increased Expression of ΔFosB in the Nucleus Accumbens.

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Neospora caninum Activates p38 MAPK as an Evasion Mechanism against Innate Immunity.

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Si-Accumulation In Artemisia annua Glandular Trichomes Increases Artemisinin Concentration, but Does Not Interfere In the Impairment of Toxoplasma gondii Growth.

Rostkowska C, Mota CM, Oliveira TC, Santiago FM, Oliveira LA, Korndörfer GH, Lana RM, Rossi ML, Nogueira NL, Simonnet X, Mineo TW, Silva DA, Mineo JR.

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Campylobacter jejuni increases transcribed Il-1B and causes morphometric changes in teh ileal enterocytes of chickens.

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Unique behavior of Trypanosoma cruzi mevalonate kinase: A conserved glycosomal enzyme involved in host cell invasion and signaling.

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Revealing the kinetics of Leishmania chagasi infection in the male genital system of hamsters.

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Interaction between TNF and BmooMP-Alpha-I, a Zinc Metalloprotease Derived from Bothrops moojeni Snake VenomPromotes Direct Proteolysis of This CytokineMolecular Modeling and Docking at a Glance.

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Lectins from Synadenium carinatum (ScLL) and Artocarpus heterophyllus (ArtinM) Are Able to Induce BeneficialImmunomodulatory Effects in a Murine Model for Treatment of Toxoplasma gondii Infection.

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Mechanisms of Infectivity and Evasion Derived from Microvesicles Cargo Produced by Trypanosoma cruzi.

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Toxoplasma gondii-Derived Synthetic Peptides Containing B- and T-Cell Epitopes from GRA2 Protein Are Able to EnhanceMice Survival in a Model of Experimental Toxoplasmosis.

Bastos LM, Macêdo AG Jr, Silva MV, Santiago FM, Ramos EL, Santos FA, Pirovani CP, Goulart LR, Mineo TW, Mineo JR.

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