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Published: 26/05/2017 - 09:38
Last modification: 12/11/2018 - 22:45
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Processos seletivos

The PPGBC Selection Process is semestral. The enrolment for courses of Academic Master Degree is initiated in June/November of each year, when the Notification is published.


Candidates for the Graduate Program in Applied Cell and Structural biology will have to sit for aptitude exams in English Language and overall knowledge of the course-related subjects to ensure their readiness for the course. As approved by the Collegiate Council, the selection examination will consist of the following stages:

  • 1st stage: English Proficiency Exam: This exam, which is eliminatory and classifying, is held at the accredited institution Cultura Inglesa. Candidates obtain eligibility on achieving an overall average of at least 60%. If upon registration the candidates present the PROFLIN/UFU, TOEFL, FCE or equivalent exam certificate, or the certificate issued by the accredited institution, they will be automatically exempted from this examination. Detailed information can be obtained after the publication of the edict.
  • 2nd Stage: Written exam on Theoretical Fundaments: In this exam, which is eliminatory and classificatory, candidates are required to write a discursive essay on course-related themes, namely, cell biology, basic and special histology (histology systems) and general embryology. No consultation is allowed during this exam. For approval, candidates must achieve an overall average equal to or greater than 60%. Only candidates who have been approved or exempted from the English aptitude test will be allowed to take this exam. Detailed information on the syllabus can be obtained after the publication of the edict.
  • 3rd Stage: Curriculum Vitae Analysis: classificatory. The candidate must achieve an overall average score equal to or greater than 60%. The analysis of the curriculum will be based on the score achieved in each item evaluated by the Evaluation Commission. The items to be assessed and their respective scores can be obtained in a specific Edict.

 The final classification of the candidates will be based on the weighted average obtained in second and third stages.

Conditions and Prerequisites:

  • The vacancies are aimed at graduating students of graduation programs in biomedical-related areas or related, whose curricula include the subjects of cellular biology (Cytology) and/or Histology. The vacancies are available for the area of Applied Cellular and Structural biology and its research lines.
  • For foreigners, a valid visa is required; For Brazilians or foreigners holding graduation certificates issued abroad, prior validation by a Brazilian public university is required.
  • No entries of graduates of short or sequential courses or similar will be accepted, and only technologists holding third degree graduation will be admitted.



The Program of Students - Postgraduate Agreement (PEC-PG), is the result of a partnership between the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) through the Division of Educational Issues DCE) and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). It aims to grant full doctorate scholarships in Brazilian HEIs to university professors, researchers, professionals and graduates of higher education in developing countries with which Brazil maintains an Agreement for Educational, Cultural or Science and Technology Cooperation aimed at increasing necessary for the student to contribute to the development of his / her country. Registration is free and made directly on the program page by completing a questionnaire for registration and sending of documents, as described in the announcement, for more information, access the website of the program.